So... what's the story? 
Storytelling for Children, Adults & Business
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Stories can be such a great way of enhancing learning - from number stories that make counting fun for foundation stage, right up to coming of age stories to help KS3 and 4 explore issues in PSHE.
For schools I offer a variety of options:
Traditional Storytelling - bringing stories from around the world to enhance your chosen theme
Story workshops - traditional telling with games, activities and discussions to bring the story and it's themes to life
Storymaking workshops - children learn to create and tell their own stories, developing their spoken language skills
Drama workshops - children bring stories to life in theatrical performance
I've worked with children in education for many years - first as an actor running workshops alongside theatre-in-education performances, then as a Lifeskills tutor, and then running youth drama projects as an Artistic Director.
I bring all that experience and understanding to my storytelling work in schools and I'm happy to tailor my sessions to the needs of the children involved, and to the particular themes the teachers wish them to explore. I have worked with children with a variety of special needs, and am happy to create sessions specifically for special needs schools and groups.
If you'd like to find out more about storytelling in schools, please do get in touch