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For Adults

As adults we can sometimes forget that stories are for us too. There are many stories from around the world that have just as much in them for adults as for children – and a lot that are most definitely for adult ears only!
I perform my adult storytelling regularly at storytelling and spoken word nights, as well as  hosting my own nights, showcasing first time performers and seasoned artists alike. If you'd like to see me in action, then do check on my Facebook page (see right) for the latest event information.

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Adult Storytelling

Storytelling Shows


Adult Storytelling

I can be booked for adult storytelling for all occasions! Theme nights, parties, special celebrations, whatever you have in mind contact me about how a story session could enhance your event. 
I also have a particular passion in adult storytelling for hearing and re-telling people’s own stories. From the story of the couple for weddings and anniversaries, to sharing reminiscences with elders, to the story of a life well lived for funerals. These stories help people to remember, and to mark rites of passage in a unique and memorable way. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Storytelling Shows

I have three storytelling shows available, (The first two can be combined to create a full length performance.) 

Wild Women Tales (approx 1 hr)

A collection of tales of women whose wildness manifests itself in both the fantastical and the mundane. Stories both traditional and newly created, interspersed with song, take the audience from mysterious happenings in the arctic, through the darker side of 1920s New Orleans, on to the wilds of East Anglia and blood-soaked Irish shores. 

The Mermaids Song (approx 45 min)

A new story fashioned around the bones of a traditional tale. Following the epic tale of a mermaid separated from her kind at birth and her journey of love, loss, betrayal, hope and friendship. Both comic and moving this is one journey you will not forget in a hurry. 

"I knew it would be magical, I had no idea how deep the magic would be" Giles Abbott

Darklove (approx 2 x 45 min halves)

Darklove is a raucous celebration in story and song of the darker side of affairs of the heart, performed with singer/songwriter/musician hOrse. This is available for festivals, events, parties or as a stand alone performance. Please click here to be taken to our Darklove website for more information.